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“THREATENED SCHOLARS” A Panel on Responses to Attacks on Academic Freedom Around the World. (February 27, 2018)

We welcome you to our Panel where we will discuss the future of academic freedom in the world today.

Tuesday, February 27, 12pm

820 Barrows Hall, UC Berkeley Campus

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“Scholars working around the world often come under threat of persecution or harassment, whether from oppressive governments or other sources. They may also be displaced by forces beyond their control, such as war or natural disasters. This panel discussion will focus on how universities and other institutions can support scholars who are persecuted or harassed because of their ideas and actions, or who are forced to leave their homes for other reasons.”

This Panel is a part of Social Science Matrix’s new Solidarity Series. To read more about the Series please click here.

This event is co-sponsored by UC Berkeley Social Science Matrix and Center for Democracy, Toleration and Religion.


Workshop: “Shared Sacred Sites” From the Mediterranean to the United States: Perspectives on Pluralism (March 29, 2017)

We are excited to introduce our workshop “Shared Sacred Sites” From the Mediterranean to the United States: Perspectives on Pluralism, which will take place in New York City on March 29th, at Graduate Center, CUNY.

This workshop is a part of the international Shared Sacred Sites exhibition that will open on March 27th, at New York Public Library, CUNY Graduate Center, and Morgan Library and Museum. The exhibition will remain open until June 30th.

Please see our workshop program for more details.

Click here to download the Program.


Our workshop is supported by the grants from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art’s Building Bridges Program, and The Achelis and Bodman Foundation.